Sylvie Reinhard


Sylvie Reinhard is a serial entrepreneur who started out in IT security and now focuses on fostering sustainable innovation ecosystems at the interface of corporate development and startup acceleration. She currently works together intensively with the development fund of Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail group, boosting innovation projects in culture, economy and at the intersection of these two.

From 2007 to 2015 Sylvie Reinhard was a managing partner at Lift Conference, one of Europe’s leading events in digital innovation, with outlets in France, China and Korea. Lift’s Geneva edition connects every year over 1000 participants from 35 countries.

As a consultant and activist Sylvie Reinhard is passionate about applying her management skills to launch and accelerate truly meaningful projects: she is a founding member of Alliance Digitale, the interest group representing some of Switzerland’s most active organizations in the field of digital creation and. She is a member of the board of directors of the independent journalism startup Republik, of the Geneva University of Art and Design‘s academic council and the advisory board of the House of Electronic Arts in Basel.

The magazine Bilan counted her among the “300 most influential people in Switzerland”.


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