Open Situation Rooms

The Open Situation Rooms format has been created by Nicola Forster and enables Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Government Agencies and international institutions to tap into the problem solving capacities of creative people from different walks of life. Gathered around the table are not only senior officials as in a traditional Situation Room, but also young entrepreneurs, physicians, designers, artists, social activists, etc. At the end of the session, they present a range of fresh ideas, scenarios and recommendations to decision makers.
The first series of OSRs have taken place during the German Foreign Ministry’s Review process in 2014, and the concept has been further elaborated with the German Mercator Foundation, the Global Diplomacy Lab, Swissnex and other partners. If you want to organise an Open Situation Room, we’re happy to assist you and tailor the format to your specific needs.

Experienced with high-level audiences and participants, we can also facilite and moderate the format for you. Please contact Nicola Forster (