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Citizen Action / Venture Development


crstl is on a mission to crystallize powerful ideas and signals from the near future into businesses that scale and initiatives that empower today. We support private and public clients to innovate at the crossroads of society and technology. We start, develop and invest in new ventures both civic and commercial, building on a global network of entrepreneurs, thought leaders and decision makers.



crstl is run by a small team composed of: Sylvie Reinhard, Maximilian SternNicola Forster and Hannes Gassert, its founder. Crstl engages in strategic projects in Switzerland and all over Europe.



crstl often works in sensitive areas where we can not disclose our clients — please get in touch for further information regarding specific areas. Our public client list includes:


 srg ssr bund pro helvetia kulturprozent easyvote nzz handelszeitung lift liip opendata.ch mercator who zhdk liip


Please send us an email through start@crstl.ch – thank you!